Organisational Profile

CHEER has supported older people in the borough of Elmbridge to lead more independent and connected lives for over sixty-five years.  CHEER provides a range of services to tackle loneliness and isolation to help older people to remain in their own homes. This includes one-to-one befriending, events to promote social interaction, signposting to other services, and help with benefits claims.  CHEER also runs the local Parkinson’s Group providing support to those with Parkinson’s and their carers.

Support Requested 

CHEER needed funding to continue to run the Parkinson’s Group for older people and to make a real difference in their lives.  For the last four years, the organisation has the raising money to fund the  Parkinson’s group.  They are not aware of any other charity offering such a group in the locality so without continued funding the continuation of the Parkinson’s Group was threatened. CHEER was also seeking advice on funding for CHEER’s potential projects aimed at connecting people through their services.


CHEER gained a better understanding of how to tailor grant applications to funder remits and how to create innovative projects to provide inspiring services and support full cost recovery.

CHEER succeeded in being granted three awards totalling £64580, one of which is a three-year award, and one of which is a two-year award.


CHEER is a small charity, and we rely on part-time staff and volunteers (including trustees).  The Funding and Sustainability Advisor has been a great help to us.  Her support and advice, the funding surgeries she has organised, and the monthly funding newsletters have all helped to improve our fund-raising knowledge and skills.

“We are delighted that the grants we have been awarded will help CHEER make a difference in the lives of older people in Elmbridge and to continue our vital work to improve their health and wellbeing. Our befriending and social events services, help and advice with benefits claims, the CHEER Parkinson’s Group, as well as our “connections” projects will reduce loneliness and isolation, alleviate financial hardship and support older people to live happy and fulfilling lives in their own homes” – Janis Fletcher, Trustee.


Other case studies 

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