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Key Message:  As we all get used to living with COVID-19, it is important to remember washing your hands to keep germs at bay – including COVID-19. Make sure to use soap and warm water. Wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.


Wash your hands with soap and water or use hand sanitiser regularly throughout the day. Regular hand washing is an effective way to reduce your risk of catching illnesses, including COVID-19. It is particularly important to wash your hands:

Coughing and sneezing increases the number of droplets and aerosols released by a person, the distance they travel and the time they stay in the air. Covering coughs and sneezes will help reduce the spread of infections such as COVID-19, colds and flu. Remember to dispose your used tissues in the bin.


Following the advice from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation -JCVI, people aged 40 to 49 can also now book online their booster of either Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.

You can book your booster online if it’s been 5 months (152 days) since you had your second dose — and you will be offered an appointment from 6 months after the date of your second dose. NHS.UK/COVID-Vaccination

Boost your immunity this winter (COVID-19 Booster + Flu vaccine)

Boosters give over 90% protection against symptomatic COVID-19 in adults over 50

The UKHSA published results showing those aged 50 and above have significantly increased protection against symptomatic COVID-19 from the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine booster dose.



NHS COVID-19 Pass COVID-19 boosters will now show in the NHS COVID Pass. You can get your COVID Pass for free from the NHS App, or on

Local Vaccine Information 

Community Mental Health Support 

The lengthy pandemic and its difficult impacts on all our lives mean many of us are struggling at times with our mental health, especially our children and young people

(24 hours a day, 7 days a week) or text 07717 989 024, people with hearing impairments can dial 18001 0800 915 4644 from their text-phone or smartphone app. Website:


As we adjust to the latest national COVID-19 lockdown, it is important that you know how to access the right advice, guidance and support for your family. Surrey County Council and NHS have published a brief guide highlighting a range of resources to help maintain your child’s wellbeing and to address any emotional needs, as well as guidance to help you spot early signs.

Click here to download a copy of  Health, Wellbeing and Emotional Wellbeing Support for Children in Surrey Guide for Parents and Carers, January 2021

For families with children aged 0-19

Call the Surrey wide advice line on 01883 340922 available 8 am-5 pm, Mon-Fri (excl. bank holidays) and provides support on all aspects of child health, development and parenting.

* Free online guides are also available to help you understand your child



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CSVA is looking for residents and organisations to join a growing network of Surrey Community (COVID) Champions to help spread clear and consistent messages relating to Covid-19 and provide us with the essential feedback and insight we need to make these messages clearer to all our communities. If you are interested in being a part of the network, please email, indicating in which areas (Elmbridge, Epsom & Ewell or Mole Valley) you would like to be Surrey Community (COVID) Champion and how you can help CSVA distribute the message to the communities.


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Community (COVID) Champions are playing an integral part in the fight against misinformation. Join our growing network in Elmbridge, Epsom & Ewell and Mole Valley.

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