Volunteers and employees working with Voluntary, Community and Faith sector organisations in Central Surrey area are encouraged to join the update service. The update service will allow your DBS certificate to become ‘portable’ and ‘reusable’ for similar jobs/ volunteering roles. The Update Service is only available for standard and enhanced (with or without barring list) checks. You cannot join the Update Service with a basic check.

More information about the Update Service can be found here.

The cost to register for the update service is £13 per year, this service is free for volunteers.

To register, please use your certificate number when the results of the DBS checks are returned to you, please note you must sign up for the update service within 30 days of the date of issue printed on the certificate.

To subscribe to the update service, please visit, update service subscription 

If you have already registered for the update service you can log in here

For more information please visit:

Update Service Applicants guide 


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