COVID cases are raising- Stay at home, Stay Safe!

Summary of the lockdown guidance;

Leaving home- You must not leave or be outside of your home except where necessary. You may leave the home to:

Meeting others

Click here for the full guidance.

Click here to read the Easy To Read Lockdown guidance



Some primary schools are only open to vulnerable children and the children of critical workers. Click here to view a list of these areas.

Surrey County Council statement: Surrey Schools open w/c 4 January. Click here to read the statement.

Surrey County Council: Schools and childcare information during Coronavirus. Click here to find out more.


COVID-19 Vaccination Update.  For a full update on the vaccination program in your local area, including who is eligible, a list of current vaccination centres, and how you will be contacted, please visit


A fake NHS text has been circulating, telling people they’re eligible to apply for the COVID-19 vaccine. The URL leads to fake NHS website that asks for your personal details, including your bank/card details in order to ‘check your identity’. Click here to find out more.

Mental Health

Just talking can help… The pandemic is affecting us all. If you are struggling to cope with anxiety and depression, NHS talking therapies can help. They’re effective and confidential. Your GP can refer you or you can refer yourself online visit:

Free Mental Health Resources. Checking in on your family, friends and colleagues has never been more important. For helpful tips and to read personal stories, please visit

Time To Talk Day – Thursday 4 February. This event is all about speaking openly on mental health, busting myths and bringing down barriers. The motto is “The Power of Small”. Sign up now to get the conversation started and receive free postcards and posters

Locked down doesn’t mean locked out. During the lockdown, there is widely available help and support available for residents in Surrey. Whether you’re shielding and cannot always rely on family and friends, suffering from mental health or stress, or feeling frightened in your home…For help, visit 

Domestic abuse?

Ask for ANI. Home is not always a safe place. A new scheme provides a simple and discreet way for people experiencing domestic abuse to signal that they need immediate help, using a code word in their local pharmacy. Read this document for information or find out more on UK/domestic-abuse

Advice for people with Pets. If you’re self-isolating you should make alternative arrangements to take care of your animal’s welfare. You should ask for support from others who are not self-isolating or use professional services.

Health, Wellbeing and Emotional Wellbeing Support for Children in Surrey- Guide for Parents and Carers

This brief guide highlights a range of resources to help maintain your child’s wellbeing and to address any emotional needs, as well as guidance to help you spot early signs. Click here to read the guide.

If you need urgent care, then make sure you think 111 first. NHS 111 will be able to assess you and, if you should need it, book you at time slot at A&E to make sure you can be seen safely.


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